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Garcia & Morales is a family law firm in downtown Los Angeles specializing in complex & high-asset divorce cases for clients in LA & greater California.
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Garcia & Morales PLLC specializes in high asset divorce & family law. We've been providing our clients with unparalleled legal counsel throughout the state of California for 25 years.

We operate at lightning speed, taking a more modern approach to the practice of law. We pride ourselves on communication and being available for our clients when they need us most.

We’ve earned a reputation as fierce and effective advocates both inside and outside the courtroom for divorce & family law in greater Los Angeles.

Simply put, we’re the firm the other side wishes they hired. We value what our clients have to say, so explore our reviews and learn about the client experience at Garcia & Morales.

Garcia & Morales Specializes in High-Asset Divorce & Family Law in Greater Los Angeles

Why Garcia & Morales?

Anytime you’re involved with a potential legal issue, it’s important to have an experienced attorney to help guide you through the legal process. The family law attorneys at Garcia & Morales are dedicated to serving Greater Los Angles & California residents.

Our attorneys have experience successfully representing clients in court and at the negotiating table. We also have a strong track record of success in a full spectrum of family law matters. We aggressively. Our team works tirelessly to maximize the compensation that our clients receive.

At Garcia & Morales, you will get the personal service and accessibility that you deserve from your lawyers. From the moment you hire our firm, you will receive the direct email addresses and cell phone numbers of your team of lawyers. We will constantly keep you informed about developments in your case, and we will make it a priority to respond to your questions promptly.

We bill hourly like all attorneys, but approach our billing in a way that is more transparent, honest, and fair. We don’t play games or hide the ball. We have an open and honest dialogue about costs. We publish our hourly rates and estimated retainer fees online.

25+Years Serving Clients in Los Angeles

Our partners have been practicing law in Los Angeles for more than 25 years. We truly understand the needs of our clients & provide the best possible outcome in any scenario.

Client Driven. Clear. Accessible.

We understand how sensitive and nuanced Family Law is, so we adhere to the following guidelines to deliver efficient and effective legal counsel throughout the state of California:

High Asset Divorce Specialists

People often assume property& assests are divided equally (“50/50”) between the parties in the event of divorce, however, California law states that community property be divided in a “just and right” manner.

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Our Advantage

We deliberately keep our caseload small so that we can devote the necessary time and attention to each matter. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who settle many more cases than we take to trial. However, when we do enter the courtroom for litigation, we shine. A wise judge once said that the best way to settle a case is to prepare it for trial. We employ that adage. We work as hard as any family lawyers in this state. We will not be outworked by the other side.

Attention to Detail

Our team of attorneys & paralegals are dedicated to scrutinizing the fine details of your case

Small Firm Service

We provide clients with a personal touch that you won't find at large corporate firms.

Legal Areas of Expertise

Our attorneys have more than 25 years of litigation experience with special expertise in the following areas of pratice.

Complex & High Asset Divorce

Divorce & Separation

Possession, Custody & Conservatorship

Parental Alienation

Jury Trial

Mental Health & Addiction

Meet Our Attorneys

Based in downtown Los Angeles, we’re certified throughout the entire state of California and can travel to work with clients statewide.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Names abbreviated to protect the confidentiality of our clients

Aura B.

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the situation I was in and helped me negotiate the best possible outcome I was hoping for. Excellent work!


Garcia & Morales helped me successfully navigate my divorce by consulting on a number of areas I hadn't previously considered. Very professional & transparent throughout the entire process. I will definitely be engaging their services in the future for another matter. Highly recommended.


Great work. They provided me with expertise on a very specific but complex immigration legal issue and helped me solve it.


Garcia & Morales represented our regional office in a corporate case in Los Angeles. They were very responsive and knowledgeable on all of the areas of scope. Fantastic work and desired result, cheers.


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Based in downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills,  we’be been serving greater Los Angeles for more than 25+ years. We’re certified throughout the entire state of California and can travel depending on client requirements. Please fill out the brief contact inquiry form below and one of our attorneys will review your inquiry and schedule a consultation directly with you.